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Passionate and committed perfumers

Creating a 100% natural perfume is complex, the quality of the essences is obvious, but a talented nose is essential to avoid a simple juxtaposition of scents. Parfumeurs du monde are committed artists, passionate about travel and natural olfactory materials. Our perfumers are free in their creations, they share their emotions which are revealed in our collections. These perfumers give you their interpretations of Nature with generosity and talent.


We are above all explorers, we travel the world in search of new natural scents and exceptional olfactory materials.

Our travels take us to distant lands rich in rare scents.

These destinations are above all privileged encounters, stories of men and women at the genesis of our creations.

Focused on nature and the work of man, ethic is at the heart of all our actions for a positive environment, social and economic impact.

In solidarity with "Coeur de Forêt" association, we advocate a sustainable approach so that tomorrow our children can experience the scent of endemic plants.

We are artisan perfumers, united by the same passion, this is our 100% natural olfactory travel diary, a line of perfumes with innovative and subtle scents.

We are Parfumeurs du monde.

  • Parfumeurs du monde donate a percentage of their sales to Cœur de Forêt and source some of the
    raw materials from organic and fair trade channels developed by these

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  • Parfumeurs du monde are committed to supporting the NGO Perfumers Without Borders, whose actions are to participate in an economic model while protecting nature and its

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