Natural perfumes

What is a natural fragrance?

Quite simply, a fragrance composed of 100% natural raw materials! To compose our fragrances, our perfumers use essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, and natural isolates.
Natural raw materials come from nature, flowers, fruits, resins, spices, wood or even roots.
CO2 extraction makes it possible to obtain extracts without denaturation (cold extraction) with total elimination of the solvent. It is environmentally friendly because it does not generate greenhouse gases or pollutants. The extract of pink CO2 berries is an example of a product obtained from this technique.
Isolates are obtained by fractionating an essential oil to extract specific molecules.
Parfumeurs du monde has chosen to ban synthetic molecules by placing natural ingredients at the heart of our creations, of your emotions.

Does a natural fragrance stick on the skin?

Our perfumers take on the challenge of creating fragrances that last on the skin, leaving a trail with a palette of about 500 notes. What makes the quality of a perfume and which contributes to its good performance is the quality of the raw materials it contains. Parfumeurs du monde uses high quality raw materials, like the luxurious vetiver of haiti.

This know-how and the perfect orchestration of our perfumers allow our perfumes to be recognized in the Haute Parfumerie de Niche.

Why did you choose the natural?

A perfumer using synthetic chemistry has a range of more than 4000 molecules. Parfumeurs du monde works with a palette of 500 scents, so it is much more limited.
But each natural material has a multitude of fragrant facets and requires a real knowledge of these materials.
These natural materials are alive, they evolve according to the blends, time and especially on your skin.
Parfumeurs du monde has chosen to highlight the Natural Perfumery for the love of the men and women who work with these plants, for its commitment to preserve our planet and for the transmission of know-how.

What is the concentration of our perfumes?

The concentration of our fragrances is between 8 and 14%.

Where are your perfumes made?

Our fragrances are made in France. Our raw materials come from all over the world ….
We collaborate with Stéphane PIQUART , a sourcer of raw materials for perfumery, who travels the world searching for unusual and original scents.
Our perfumers can work with materials that are sustainable, ethical and created with respect for the local