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Brin de Peau

⎮ By Clémentine HUMEAU

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"The starfield"

Honey-Tobacco, Floral

A journey along the Camino de Santiago told through a honey-tobacco floral accord.

Head notes: Bergamot, Almond, Turmeric, Ambrette Seed

Heart notes: Jasmine, Cedarwood, Mimosa

Base note: Hay, Flouve, Tobacco, Liatrix, Benzoin, Tonka Bean


100% natural fragrance, organic alcohol, demineralised water.

natural allergens

benzyl salicylate, coumarin, benzyl benzoate,
benzyl alcohol, citral, eugenol, geraniol, farnesol.

⎮ By Clémentine HUMEAU

St-Jacques-de- Compostelle • On the way to St-Jacques-de- Compostelle. A fragrance inspired by a text to discover in this box, written by the perfumer himself. This Parfum-Nouvelle tells the story of a walk on the way to Compostela. A poetic, mysterious and sensual conversation, between the coumarin smell of a blade of tall grass and the carnal, spicy and honeyed smell of heated skin. A fragrant drape, both discreet and manifest, a scent of a wisp...a wisp of skin.